One Year Subscription Club

Pony Express Girls

$230.00 CAD 

Receive four boxes for horse and rider with this one-year subscription. One box for each season: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, December 1st.

A shipping charge of $5.50 per box will be applied at checkout ($22)

Want to know when you will receive your first PEG Box?

If your ordered...

Nov - Dec - Jan = You will receive the Holiday Box! This box ships starting December 1st. 

Feb - Mar - April = You will receive the Spring Box! This box ships starting March 1st.

May - June - July = You will receive the Summer Box! This box ships starting June 1st. 

August - Sept - Oct = You will receive the Autumn Box! This box ships starting Sept 1st. 

Is it past the shipping date, but before the next order date? You will get the current seasonal box, for example, if you order on Dec 5 you will receive the holiday box.