Love your Pony - Hardcover Book

Pony Express Girls

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At PEG we love the book "Love Your Pony, Love Your Planet" It is an engaging way to help the youngest equestrian learn the BEST methods for the ultimate health of their pony and our planet. The best part could very well by the illustrations of Happy (a funny, wise-cracking pony). A book to entertain and educate your little equestrian with italicized key concepts and a full glossary of terms. All this and instilling environmental awareness and appreciation in young horse lovers!

WARNING: If you are a pony lover and have invited one of her kids to your birthday party, you have already received this. We know because Dani LOVES this book, and gives it to all the young equestrians she can! 

64 pages 

Perfect for the 5 to 9 age range.