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Can I just say I LOVE the Handsome Devils Waterless Wash?! I don't even have to work it in I just spray on and brush off and it takes all the dirt and stuff with it. Perfect for the foals because they won't stand still enough to do curry, hard brush, soft brush .. so I only use one brush and this! Also since its all natural I feel comfortable using it on their baby skin!


I just got my box and I'm in love!! My Canadian made shedding blade is to die for & the treats will be my horses favourite part


Just wanted to thank you so much for my box! I love everything and the extras are perfect! I'm going to test out the shampoo & my horse is always always up for some new treats! 

Thanks again with all your help on that order, and the extra help.


OMG! Beautiful. Thanks for the loot, ladies! Celeste and I were thrilled with it - all very nice stuff!

Rebekah D

My box arrived today, less than a week after ordering! Woohoo! It came very securely and beautifully packaged, with awesome stuff inside! Super happy with what I received and I can't wait to order again! Thank you so much, it's an awesome box!

Emma A

We just placed our order for our first box and it was here within a week! Put on the questionnaire that there were 3 of us and the different ages of me and my girls. The box was amazing! We have ordered from a different horse box company and got burned but these girls are top notch!!! A++++ Will be getting more of these wonderful boxes! My girls and I love our PEG boxes, so far we love everything in them and shipping is fast and communication is top notch! Keep up the great work!

Alisha W

Awesome monthly boxes. We got our first box today and we just ordered it last week!  My daughter LOVED it so much! Thank You!!! They are amazing and personalized my daughters box to her likes!!! PINK all the way!!!

Elizabeth H

IT ARRIVED!! I ordered my first box earlier this week, and it arrived on today. I loved the customer service, and I promptly received tracking information the day it was mailed, and was also notified upon its delivery. Overall I feel that this box was AMAZING! I was so excited to receive it and everything has a use. All the products were seal in their appropriate packaging and the box presentation couldn't have been cuter! Great job Pony Express Girls, I will definitely be ordering again.

Theresa B

My girls got their March boxes a couple weeks ago and loved them! They were so excited to get treats for both their horses and themselves. Can't wait to see the surprises to come!!

Pony M

Fantastic!! Met you at All Equine, you both are fabulous! And your products as well! Thank you again!! :)


It has arrived !! She was so excited and loves it ! So many cool things! Tks - can't wait for next month !

We just got home from Nova Scotia and her PEG box was waiting. She noticed right off her name was hand written on the box. She was thrilled with everything!! The opening has now become a bit ritualistic !! She loves the scarf and looks like a dog with a sore paw with the bracelet! She had both on going to bed!! Her squealing gave me a headache lol!! She really appreciated the note in the box . The scarf colours and tissue choice was not lost on her - she is a details gal!!

Thanks again !!


Thanks for another super fun PEG box ladies!


Rebekah D

I just saw this and am SUPER excited...I had a subscription for socks up until a month or two ago but barn socks!? Woohoo!!! Just placed my first order…

Got my first order from the Sox Box a couple weeks ago and they are awesome!! They feel way more durable than the ones I have (slightly thicker but still a nice stretchy/thin fabric for hot summers and the pattern is so fun! Can't wait to see what's on the way this month.Thanks!!