Too much of a good thing? Changes at PEG headquarters.


Dear PEG box subscribers and herd members,

Did you know that you can get too much of a good thing?

Effective immediately, Pony Express Girls is changing it’s subscription  box model. It is moving from 12 boxes a year to 4 boxes a year. One box quarterly, or one for each season.

What does this mean if you currently have an active subscription with PEG?

It means that your last payment came out in August. PEG will not process any more monthly payments. You are welcome to contact us and we can have you continue on a quarterly billing cycle!

What happens next?

The first quarterly box will be an awesome holiday box! It will offer various price points. Make sure that you have signed up to our mailing list to stay up to date.

Let’s weigh the Pros and Cons...

Cons of not getting a monthly PEG box

  1. We will miss you each month
  2. You have to learn to be more patient…. Boo!

Pros of getting a quarterly PEG box

  1. You will save some money! While the price point may be a bit higher it won’t be as often.
  2. Higher value products.
  3. More time between boxes to really wow you. You deserve that.

Things that will stay the same

  1. Individual theme boxes are still available on the website and are undergoing an awesome redesign to offer more choices. These are available for instant purchase as always.
  2. You will still find a great selection of individual items on the website for purchase. Check in at often! Selection is varied and we are always adding new, fun, equine-themed items to the website.
  3. Shipping is available to Canada, US, UK and Australia.
  4. PEG still loves you.

Pony Express Girls needed to make some wiggle room to grow and serve you and you horses and ponies better.

On to a new chapter together ♥ Pony Express Girls, Deb and Dani

woman owned, Canadian small business




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