Pony Express Girls get it done with an Edge

We, at Pony Express Girls, are known for our "cute". Deb and I have been wishing all week at The Royal that we had a proverbial nickel for every time someone came into our booth and said, "oh, that is so cute" followed by, "oh my goodness this is so cute, too". We get cute a lot. And, let's face it, we are cute, in fact, we are down right adorable. But we do have a few surprises up our sleeves, too.

As many of you know we love our horse-themed home decor. We have sold hundreds of pillows over the last ten days. And this one was a favourite with our customers:

Three Kind Faces

But there is a certain pillow that catches one's eye and is our run away best seller. 

I am a unicorn

And the sauciness doesn't end there. We love our "You got this" sign and "Kind Heart; Fierce Mind; Brave Spirit", as well as all the other gems from Prim Pickins:

Life is Tough my Darling, but so are you

But nothing can compare to this best seller. 

Bitches get Shit Done

 Because, we do. That's why this sign sat on our desk the entire Royal tenure.

Deb and Dani are Bitches and they get Shit done

Because, well, at The Royal we did get it done.

Looking for something with an edge and missed us at The Royal? You can get these items on our website, as well. 

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