Pony Express Girls and Allure Pearl

Deb and I met the creative genius, Sue, behind Allure Pearl this year at Champs, and I don't think it's an exaggeration to say the three of us became fast friends. Firstly, Sue is a huge Hip / Gord Downie fan and any fan of The Hip is a friend of mine. Secondly, she is a super, talented jewellery artist and every girl needs to have one of those in her back pocket. 

This is why PEG is so excited to have some of Allure Pearl's designs here at The Royal. My personal favourite is the 2 hearts necklace made from pure silver. 

2 hearts

But I know that there are going to be many of you out there who are going to go bananas over the OTTB pendent! The larger one comes with your OTTB's birthstone. The smaller OTTB pendent comes in either solid bronze or solid silver pendent with variously coloured gems. 

OTTB Allure Pearl

OTTB Smal Pendent

Not a necklace girl? We also have some beautiful bracelets from Allure Pearl. 

Come by and say hi. We are located behind Blundstones and in front of Toyota.

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