Photobombed by EVERYBODY

Photobombed by EVERYBODY

I love working from home. There is nothing better than sneaking out during the day to give a horse a scratch or updating the PEG website while a dog snoozes on your foot. I love it.

However, there are some drawbacks, for example, it is a rare moment when one of my children don't want something from me or, ugh, want to help me. Ella, my eldest daughter, particularly loves to help with PEG duties. She loves to do photo shoots. (Her fav ones are the ones that she is in, but that is another post.) So, when I need to shoot this Fall's Cozy Fox scarves Ella was right there. 

Ella helping out with the "Cozy Fox Scarves" shoot. Ella helps out.

But more than just Ella wanted to be involved in this shoot. My "ladies" thought they too should be involved.

Chick bomb

And, of course, Petals always has to be where the action is. You never know, there might be food!

Heavy Petals

At the end of it all, I am pretty happy with the results. And I LOVE these scarves!

Which one is your favourite? Check them out here. 



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