Oh Canada! - June 2016 Pony Express Girls Equine Subscription Box

Get ready for Canada Day! Let’s celebrate RED, The colour of a pioneering spirit. It promotes ambition, determination & leadership. It’s a strong-willed colour and can give you confidence. It’s perfect for a horse girl to have a dash of red. For our American friends, we have also included something blue. To help you celebrate, as your 4th of July also approaches.

 Inkstable boot socks in our equine subscription box

Uncle Richard's Pure Maple Sprinkles in our June Horse Box subscriptionred comfort lead rope in Canada Day horse subscription box for equestrians






Red Lead Rope - We are always in need of an extra lead rope at our barn. This is a comfort grip style with a nice strong clip. Retail $13.

One of 2 different horse treat varieties - Stud Muffins or Summer Valley

Stud Muffins - Custom Muffin Tops - Embrace the muffin top! We are huge Stud Muffin fans. What's not to love? They had us at Stud Muffin... These are made in Canada and can be customised to your barn or event! Oh, and your horse will love them too. Retail $3.50

Summer Valley Joy Drops - All natural, no sugar added. Made fresh for you. Use immediately or pop in the freezer to save for a later date. A perfect treat for every horse. 

Uncle Richard’s Maple Sprinkles - Yummy…. For you not your pony. Made in Ontario from 100% pure maple syrup. These little gems are addictive. I like to sprinkle them on a bowl of plain cereal or plain yoghurt. My kids like them on vanilla ice cream or buttered toast.  Retail $11.

Fly Veil - Our Canadians will have red & our Americans will have blue. Cotton knit with ears. Do you use a bonnet? Not just a pretty hat. Bonnets can prevent your horse from head tossing, or going crazy from little flies that bother ears. Try it on a trail ride. They also help many horses focus by muting noisy, scary sounds like the wind or a (gasp) flapping bag. Retail $18

Handsome Devils Ride & Shine Glitter Gel-  Sparkling aloe vera and essential oils. It’s all natural and safe for hoof, hide, hair & human. We went with red but it’s available in a variety of super shine colours. Our fave application is on hooves. Simply put a little on your finger and smear across the hoof for awesome glittery-ness. Can easily be wiped off with towel and water. Reapply as often as desired. Retail $14

Boot Sox Box - Do you get the combo box with the boot sock add-on? This month was a super cute sock by Inkstables - Jack Russell Terrier. Retail $16

Silverline red fly veil at Pony Express GirlsStud Muffins Muffin Tops at Pony Express Girls subscription Box



On July 1st - Canada Day, post pics of you and/or your horse celebrating on Instagram with the hashtag #PEGCanDay and #ponyexpressgirls. We will enter you into a draw to win a beautiful red saddle pad a Canada bridle charm and a set of red polo wraps!. We are giving away not one, but 2 of these prize packs each valued at $95.00. This contest is open to all Canadian and American PEG's. You do not have to have a PEG subscription to enter. We do want to see you celebrating with red and white (add blue if you are an American friend!)

As always we will have this listing including pictures up on our website, under the past boxes/blog tab.

 Be proud of who you are ♥ We are Canadian ♥ Giddy - Up ♥ Deb and Dani xo




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