Here Comes The Sun! - July 2016 Pony Express Girls Equine Subscription Box

Here Comes The Sun!

The sun was a long time coming this year but it seems to be making up for lost time with a continuous string of extra hot days.

Equine Wellness Magazine - We love this magazine. What a better way to cool off then spending a few minutes in the shade with a horsey magazine. Equine Wellness is your number one resource for the best natural products. Natural Health, natural nutrition, positive training, and active lifestyle. These are the four pillars of the Equine Wellness philosophy. Retails $6

Horse Quencher - Have a horse that won’t drink away from home? Mix a pack of Horse Quencher with a bucket of water, let it sit for a few minutes up to a few hours and it becomes irresistible. I use to slice apples into buckets but my pony became a bobbing for apple champ but still wouldn’t drink the water. This product isn’t an electrolyte it simply encourages drinking. If you lead a horse to water, they will make it drink. Such a clever tagline! Retails $5

Rider Sleeves - Cooling UV protection - You will always find a pair of these in my tack kit. They provide ultimate UV protection. You can get them wet for even more cooling. They are a number one seller at our summer shows, for riders and spectators alike. Tough and long lasting. The perfect accessory for any outdoor athlete. Retail $30

Winky Wash n Udder Stuff by Hey, Where’s that - Geldings or mares, this is a job that has to be done and WOW! Does this ever make a not so nice job nicer. It’s a cream that goes on easy and loosens the ick, making it easy to remove. Gentle and conditioning which is nice because I clean my mare frequently. She has always been easily irritated by cruddy udder and makes it known by tail rubbing. Made in the USA but available on their website. Let us know what you think! Retails $8

Tail Tamer Shammy - You need these. Great for eyes and muzzles. Sweat spots and mud splatters. Wipe your delicate brow? Machine washable and a tack kit must have. Retails $3

Stud Muffins - Custom Muffin Tops - Embrace the muffin top! We are huge Stud Muffin fans. What's not to love? They had us at Stud Muffin... These are made in Canada and can be customised to your barn or event! Oh, and your horse will love them too. Look for your custom Pony Express Girls Stud Muffin - Muffin Tops in each monthly box! Featuring our monthly theme. I love what those ladies have done with our “Here comes the sun” theme. Is it just me…. Or does it remind you of Batman! Awesome because every horse girl knows that horses are superheroes. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next month. Watch for Stud Muffins to be available in our online shop soon. These 2 packs retail for $3.50 each

Boot Sock Combo - Those of you that have the PEG box and Boot Sox Combo subscription will have welcomed a pair of Unicorn vs. Narwhal by Sock It To Me into your home this month. Congrats! 

Unicorn vs narwhal by Sock it to me in your monthly Horse Subscription Box

Stay cool friends, Pony Express Girls ♥ you.
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