February 2016 PEG Box - Warms your Heart

Pony Express Girls warms the heart with an equine subscription box for horse and rider

February is iffy, it can be a bitter cold month.

This months PEG box was designed to warm your heart. The love of a horse will warm your soul but we equestrians have still been known to suffer cold fingers. Perhaps we should call it the warm hands, warm heart box? 

Equigear Riding Gloves-  synthetic, thinsulate lined riding gloves. These gloves will give and shape nicely to your hands after only a couple of wears. Great gloves for everyday riding or in your kit as a spare.

Hand Warmers - You never know when you need to turn up the extra warmth. I keep spares in my jeep glove box. 

Beautiful Bit Warmers by Bit of Bling Equestrian - Take out the inner pack, microwave for 30-60 seconds. Insert back into the outer sleeve and warm that bit! Your horse will love you for it. The outer sleeve is washable but you should keep the inner packet dry. This Canadian small business also makes polos, tail bags, stirrup covers and saddle covers. She has the best patterns. Look them up on social media and check them out at www.bitofblingequestrian.com.

Ecolicious Hands On Therapeutic Barn Hand Repair Lotion - This is not the first time that we have had this lotion in our PEG Box. We feel that this is simply the best hand lotion available. Thick and  luxurious. Good bye barn hands, good bye chapped winter hands.  

Feel Good Trail Blazin' Bitz - All natural, preservative free and handmade in Canada since 1999. That makes us feel good! 

Stay warm, love ponies and just wait until you see what we have planned for next months anniversary box... We are so excited! 


Pony Express Girls love you on Valentine's Day

A hose lovers subscription box by Pony Express Girls            February Pony Express Girls Box, Ecolicious equestrian, Equigear gloves, Bit of Bling             Andalusian by Ink Stables Equine CouturePink Horseshoes by Inkstables Equine Couture


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