January PEG Box 2016 - Keeping Cozy

Yes, winter is finally upon us. Fashionably late this year but no less determined. As an equestrian, you spend an above average amount of time out in all of the elements. You need a January Pony Express Girls Cozy Box to survive the harshest months. 

This month you will find a horse themed scarf inside. I love the weight and warmth of a scarf. Not just a fashion must have (although it does look stunning), it will also work hard to keep a chill at bay. 

Horse scarf and horseshoe scarf

Next up a large, chunky horse mug. Pop the kettle on the stove... we have included a packet of The Creemore Coffee Company's Fair Trade - Shade Grown hot chocolate. It's a packet that will make two cups. Share with a friend ♥ It's a favourite at our house. Many different flavours available. They even have a bubblegum flavour! 

Horse Mugs

Cozy scarf, warm hands wrapped around a big warm mug of hot cocoa. Sit for a spell and dream of warmer days and better riding weather. They get closer every day. 

Cold feet? You will find a package of low profile toe warmers inside. These stick onto the bottom of your socks and will warm your toes for hours. Save them for a very cold day or a day when you plan a very long ride. 

For your ponies, we have included a Likit Treat Bar. Shaped like a chocolate bar in a re-sealable pack. Perfect for in your pocket or in your groom kit. We have an apple, carrot and banana. Snap off a chunk and promise them that spring is coming. 

Likit Treat Bar

Our very favourite thing is building your PEG boxes. Our second favourite thing is seeing pictures of you opening them, using them or wearing them. Don't be shy and don't forget to tag us!

Do you get our PEG Box and Sox Combo box? This was the sock you will have received this month. Hooray for unicorns! A fun, high-quality sock by Sock it to Me. 

Sock it To Me - Unicorn Boot Sox Box

Keep cozy, love your pony ♥,

Pony Express Girls

*This box shipped out the 10th of January. Most of our subscribers will have received it by now. We have a few still available if you want to order one for yourself before the end of January. After January, you can look for the Cozy Box in our theme boxes.

You can use this link to take you to our Classic Monthly PEG Box -  here you can choose one month or many.  





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