August PEG Box 2015 - All For Show Baby!

August PEG Box 2015 -  All For Show Baby!

Effol Mouth Butter - You have been riding all season. Treat your Pony to mouth butter. Great for horses with sensitive mouths or that develop cracks. It can also help with bit acceptance. It is safe to apply directly to the bit. Can be applied before or after a ride, or both. To me, it will always be lip chap for. 

Orange Apeel - If I listed everything this all natural cleaner could do, I would be here all day! Check it out at it has an extensive list of uses, including a very popular fly spray recipe. This trial size is super concentrated. I love it for cleaning pet and animal areas, I also use a small splash to boost my regular laundry soap when cleaning my husband’s incredibly dirty and greasy work clothes.

Feel Good Treats Handcrafted, oven baked, dry and crunchy treats. Made from all natural, preservative free ingredients. Made in Canada! We know that makes them extra yummy and it makes us feel good! They also make treats for dogs and cats.

Pompoms, Puffies, Bunnies - Whatever you call pony ear plugs in your neck of the woods, they are very handy to have on hand. They muffle all the scary background noises and help the reluctant horse trailer, be clipped or focus at a show or event. Keep a pair in your kit for you or a friend.

Horse Quencher - This stuff is the best! Ever have a horse that won’t drink away from home? Mix this with a bucket of water, let it sit for a few minutes up to a few hours and it becomes irresistible. I use to slice apples into buckets at shows or events but my pony became a bobbing for apple champ but still wouldn’t drink the water. This product is not an electrolyte it is simply to encourage drinking and hydration. If you lead a horse to water, they will make it drink. Such a clever tagline!

Haha! A surprise box inside your surprise box! It’s your new fave tree free travel cup. 16oz BPA free double walled keep cool travel cup. It has horses on it, naturally.


Go show them how it's done.

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