June PEG Box 2015 - Bucking the wrong crowd

Riders Sleeves – We are really excited to have these. They claim to make you cool. We could use the help! I tried them on and couldn’t stop helicoptering my arms around. How did they feel so cool??? They also provide ultimate UV protection. You can get them wet for even more cool. I might wear them with a tank top and practise my reverse farmers tan.

 Head of the Herd – Another PEG fave! A Canadian multi-purpose horse spray. (As seen on Dragon’s Den and due to be on the upcoming season as well). I love this as a waterless wash and the citronella and eucalyptus seem to naturally keep the bugs at bay. This is available in 1litre and the 60ml size we have included. I wish we could fit the 1 litre in a PEG box. It’s super stuff!

 Farnam Fly Supermask II – This is my favourite! I had one of these last 3 summers on a naughty pony whose day job consists of trying to destroy them. The fur edge is generous enough to block out the adventurous bug that tries to creep under. The double Velcro latch closure lowers the chance of a buddy pulling it off while engaging in horseplay. (Cob and pony riders will find an Equestar mask in the box. Due to a busy fly season we weren’t able to track down Supermasks in all sizes).

 Orange aPEEL – An all-natural 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Ideal for horses, cows, dogs and cats. Also available in a de-skunking and deodorizing formula. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Orange-a-licious! Some people swear it has natural bug repelling properties. I haven’t personally tried this yet but next wash day at the barn is going to smell delicious.

NomNoms – Gourmet horse treats from Ottawa ON. We love this company! It uses human grade natural, often organic ingredients from local suppliers. Colourful and delicious. 

 June equine subscription box

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