May 2015 PEG Box - GOOD CLEAN FUN!

EquiGroomer – PEG is thrilled to bring you this item. Your new secret weapon!  It removes loose hair, dirt and dander. We couldn’t wait to put it to the test and it was incredible. We used a traditional shedding blade on one side of the horses and EquiGroomer on the other. We saw a huge difference. The EquiGroomer shed better and pulled out way more dirt and gunk. The horses loved it. It also did a bang up job on the cats and dogs.

Grooming block – These are great to erase dust and static. Use the thin edge against the horse and brush in short, upward at the end strokes. When the sharp edge gets dull, run it along a hard surface to put an edge back on it. Over time, the block wears away and will need to be replaced. It is also great to remove those pesky bot eggs later in the season.

Hydra sponge – Last month we sent out the shampoo. Then we found these fab sponges with a scrubby side. Made by one of our favourite sponge manufacturers. It can be sterilized by boiling and knows how to stand up to real use. If you missed the April box, we do have Absorbine 2in1 available on the website.

Tail Tamer Shammy – You need these! Great for eyes and muzzles. Sweat spots and mud splatters. Wipe your delicate brow? It’s a 2 pack so you don’t have to fight. One for you and one for your pony.

Feel Good Treats – Handcrafted, oven baked, dry and crunchy treats. Made from all natural, preservative free ingredients. Made in Canada! We know that makes them extra yummy. They also make treats for dogs and cats.

Effol Horse Balm – Groom too much? Ride too long? We know you aren’t going to slow down. This product cools and relaxes after working. Refreshing on sore muscles as well as tension and stiffness. Very kind on skin and bandaging is not necessary. Use it on horses or humans.

Hooray! Now, what’s in it for you?

Citrus Sunshine Soap – Grooming ponies can be hard and grubby work. You get to be fresh and clean too! The citrus part reminds us that (even though it isn’t a bad thing), we don’t always have to smell like our ponies. The sunshine part reminds us of long sunny summer days. Enjoy every single one of them.

Bauble Bracelet – Everybody is pretty and clean. Now it’s time to sparkle. We love this bracelet. It looks stunning in a bundle of arm candy or as a stand-alone. These come in so many marvelous colours that one might not be enough. So we have added them online for $9 each.


We have a very exciting announcement to make. Pony Express Girls has just launched a brand new concept.



 A pair of awesome boot sox delivered right to your door, PEG style. We love this! So many fun patterns. An unbeatable price point. This should be your go-to gift for the horse girls in your life. As always available one time, 3 or 6-month subscription. Now available on our website.

While you are there you will notice our new ‘Add-ons’. This is where you can find a select few items from previous boxes that you may have missed, or sometimes a great new item that you won’t find in a box. These are limited quantities and can be added to any box that you are expecting or ordering. Your shipping charges will not be affected.

 Love, Pony Express Girls ♥

May Subscription Box equigroomer

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