April PEG Box 2015 - April Showers bring.... well they bring lots and lots of mud!

They also bring flowers! -  Spring flower shaped curry and dandy brushes to brighten your day. These little beauties are not just a couple of pretty faces. One works wonders on pulling up dirt and loose hair while the other comes along behind it and whisks it away. This tidy little pair is lightweight, durable, and fits great in your hand.

The flower curry is also my fave winter curry when my ponies disguise themselves as yaks. Being nearly indestructible and super affordable, I have them hung on various pasture fence posts and inside the stable. I always feel prepared to take a few swipes at a grubby rogue pony.


NomNoms - Gourmet horse treats from Ottawa ON. We love the owner! She uses human grade natural & often organic ingredients from local suppliers. Colourful and delicious. She also makes custom horse treats for your barn or event. Don’t let anyone else feed NomNoms to your horse. You run the risk of your horse falling head over heels for that person. Nomnoms are that great. You have been warned.


Jelly Welly – We love it because it’s so bootiful. The best hoof pick ever. It’s bright, it’s strong and it was designed with your horse’s hoof safety in mind. The business end of this pick is what you expect to find on any high quality, built tough work tool. It takes its job seriously and looks fun and pretty doing it. It’s one of a kind enough that it shouldn’t go missing from your kit.


Curry/Scraper – Not much to say about this one. It’s a sweat scraper with a curry tooth on the other side. A scraper is a tack box staple. We really like this one handed model. Sorry that it is grey… now I wish that I had bedazzled them.


Showsheen 2in1 shampoo & conditioner – A deep cleanser and conditioner in one. This is a formulation developed for sensitive skin. It is sulfate and paraben free. We love that and so will your pony. Everybody needs a good shampoo. This one will do a really great job and saves you a step by eliminating the need for a separate conditioner.

April Pony Express Girls subscription box

Love, Pony Express Girls ♥           

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