Have horse girls tapped into a fountain of youth?

I walk through a busy trade fair and I can't help but oh and ah at everything pony. We never outgrow that pony phase. I hate to even use the term 'phase', as we know it isn't a phase it's in our blood. I know that I am still that weird horse girl. Only on this day, I realize that as an adult, I am just as attracted to everything pony as I was at 12 years old. Now maybe I am a little more reserved than the 12-year old me was. Although I am just as likely to carry a sparkly unicorn notebook today as I was back then.  

Is it just me? Ponies make me happy. Always. Everything with a pony or horse theme causes the same feelings of happiness. These feelings haven't changed in 30 years. I can't help but associate them with a feeling of youth.

Every time I love something horse related. I know that the 12-year old me would have loved it too. That is powerful. I don't think everybody ages and goes through life with this strong connection to their younger selves. People have flashes and memories of youth, perhaps when they see a vintage toy, photograph or hear an old song. I feel like what we experience as horse girls might be different.

When I am with my horses or my collection of weird horse girl stuff. I am standing beside my younger self and we are very likely wearing the exact same expressions of happiness. We are experiencing the same joyful feelings. We are sharing youthful feelings that have spanned decades and show no signs of letting up. I wish I could turn and give her advice but that is another story. 

I still want to paint my ponies hooves with Pony Glam sparkle. I still hug them nonstop and tell them my secrets. I still class them among my best friends. I will take the greatest pleasure in talking horses with you. If you are 9 or 90 I will admire and share your passion and enthusiasm. Are we are channeling our inner youth when we talk and share this love? A bystander would hear the excitement in our voice and spot the youthful twinkle in our eyes. 

We are horse girls because we love being horse girls. It's a passion that drives us. Feelings of youth may just be an unrecognized side effect. Is it possible that it keeps us young at heart? 

On a day when you have had a bad lesson, a rough show or just dread going out in the 30 below. Take a moment to tap into your younger self. She wouldn't let you give up or get down on yourself. She is just crazy, over the moon happy to see that you still have ponies in your life. Young you will pause from doing her happy dance of glee to remind you that ponies are always worth it. You can push through this moment like you have pushed through every challenge before. 

She will remind you that you have got this, you should smile more, and that a little extra sparkle in your life wouldn't kill you either.

Now, enjoy this random internet image that I imagine would entertain both young and old me equally.

Always young at heart, giddy up, 


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