Pegasus Riders ♥ Our Beautiful Brand Ambassadors

Looking for inspiration, hope, determination, dedication? 

Take a few minutes and listen to a group of young horse girls. You will feel their love for the sport. You will feel pride for all of their accomplishments. We recently had this experience while searching for our Pony Express Girls brand ambassadors. 

It was a difficult choice. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to contact us and apply. We wanted to start this adventure with a small group. We have gone with an incredible group of 8 young ladies. They almost render me speechless, (anyone who has ever got a long rambling email from me is now exclaiming ... 'yeah right')

We are excited to be represented by them.

From Prince Edward Island we welcome Lauren and Candy.

From Ontario, we welcome Allison, Abby, Mary, Morgan and Shohannah.

From Manitoba we welcome Brooke.

We asked them to talk to us briefly about character traits. They answered with wisdom and insight. We loved learning about each of them. They have an enthusiasm for horses and life that is contagious. I'm quite certain that if I met them in real life, I couldn't keep up with this bunch! Where do they get the energy?

This group has fresh ideas and has already influenced us. You will want to keep an eye on them. We are all over on Instagram @ponyexpressgirls and we have started a new @ponyexpressgirls_pegasusriders. This is where you will find them showcasing their awesomeness. Join us there for fun and lots of pony pics. 

We love new beginnings, giddy up!

Deb and Dani


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