PEG 2015 Brand Ambassador Program - PEGasus 2015 – accepting applications until July 17th

Horse girls don’t just love horses. They are a unique group that also seem to possess a long list of positive, strong character traits.

We are launching a small brand ambassador program that we like to call PEGASUS. It stands for Pony Express Girls ambassadors, steady, understanding, strong. We think that a really great brand ambassador would include these character traits and many more.

Steady – Unwavering in working towards your goals. Somebody with a steady character will take life in stride, not be inclined to fly off the handle. Really think through all the situations that life throws at them.

Understanding – You are considerate of other people’s decisions or choices. You don’t have to agree with them but you make an effort to understand and strive to do it without judgment or prejudice.

Strong – You don’t have to have to be physically strong to have a strong character. This one encompasses so many things! The strength to stand up for good. Strength and courage to stand up for yourself and stay true to your beliefs. A strong sense of both, responsibility and self-respect. You are not the damsel in distress, you are the self-rescuing princess.

We love your character strengths but we also love your weaknesses. Why would we love a weakness? Quite simply put… they make you human. They make you who you are. We all strive to be good people. A big part of that means being good to yourself and others. Recognizing when you haven’t been at your best and working towards improving. Did you know that making mistakes can actually make you more likable? It’s true, seeing someone make a mistake can make us less nervous about messing up and makes that person more relatable. We are all a work in progress.

Our ideal candidate –

  • Must be a resident of Canada
  • Is active in some form of social media in a kind, friendly and mature way
  • Loves spending as much time as possible at the barn, riding or at shows
  • Is known in your equestrian community for being a role model and a great friend
  • Understands our company and concept
  • Feels a desire to rep our brand with pride and enthusiasm

Sound like something you are up for? We would like to extend a very special invitation to apply for our PEGasus 2015 ambassador and junior ambassador program. As a new, small company we will only be accepting a very small group of girls. If accepted your PEG brand ambassador status will run until the last day of 2015. We plan to run the program again in the spring of 2016.

Please submit the following information in an email to

Your name, age, address, email address

Social media account names for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, blog/website or any other you would like us to know about. Please don’t worry or be discouraged if you don’t have much in the way of social media.

Tell us in short answers;

  • Why would you like to represent PEG?
  • What makes you an ideal candidate?
  • What discipline(s) do you ride?
  • What are your current goals?
  • Tell us a little about your show experience and plans.
  • Lastly, tell us in a couple of sentences about one character trait that is important to you. One you might have, one you might admire or one a good leader might possess. Character traits can be defined in many different ways. They have a depth that can be looked at from many angles. So there is no right or wrong answer. It’s just a way for us to learn a little bit more about you. You might even inspire yourself while thinking about it.


Perks of being a 2015 PEGasus.

  • Be a part of our social media presence. We want your pics! Pics of you at shows, at the barn, using some of your PEG goodies. Ever wanted to write? Write a blog post for our website. Inspire us with your product ideas or contest ideas.
  • Make friends with other PEGasus girls across the country. Share your horse love and share in the fun and support of our group.
  • Enjoy PEG exclusive items and product discounts. You don’t have to buy anything to take part but you will have special pricing available to you.


The Fine Print – Make sure you talk to your organization and get the information that you need before submitting your application. Many organizations will not allow amateur riders to receive any compensation and a brand ambassadorship could affect your amateur status. This could also be a concern in the last years of juniors. You are responsible for clarifying and understanding implications from any of your organizations.

Good luck and giddy up,

Deb and Dani





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