Bright Ideas and Making them Happen

Bright Ideas and Making them Happen


It might have been the perfect storm of one idea plus two adventurous (crazy?) people. Two people wanting change and the opportunity to challenge themselves.


An ad for Barkbox, a popular canine subscription box company was always appearing on my Facebook feed. One day, on a whim I sent the ad to a friend in a message. “We should do this, only for horses. In the quickest comeback ever, she simply replied “Omg. Yes. I love it!”. And, that was how it all began. We had never discussed going into business together before. We both love horses, business, and appreciate all opportunities to be creative. Seemed like a solid foundation to the both of us.

So on a beautiful sunny day in early November 2014. Two really nice people shared one bright idea. That was the moment Pony Express Girls was born.

 Fast forward to what felt like quite possibly the longest four months in history. Building a business is hard work. Mistakes are made and decisions are second guessed. We never wavered in our convictions we just let some ideas evolve in directions we may not have anticipated. The brainstorming and creative sessions were exhilarating. 


All in all, the making of Pony Express Girls, or PEG as we affectionately call it, has been a whirlwind mixture of inspiration, our love of horses, imagination and an overflowing portion of reckless abandon. We added a healthy dose of grit, long periods of holding our breath and more middle of the night texts than either of us could count. Oh and a debt that neither of us want to acknowledge.


It was only one little idea.

I think of it as the two of us sharing a little idea that we decided to run with and see what we could make of it. In turn, it grew into something powerful and important that scooped us up and actually ran away with us. 

We let it develop and it continues to run, so now we spend most of our days trying to catch up. It has been really fun and exciting watching PEG grow and evolve. At times, it takes on a life of its own.

We thought that we would have been here sooner, but we are over the moon excited to be here now. It has been a wonderful journey of ups and downs, incredible frustrations and overwhelming joys. We pause now to look around, and we realise that our entire experience so far has just been the walk up to the starting line.


Now, we really are here…


We brush ourselves off. We take a deep breath. We take a moment to honour all the hard work, the sleepless nights, the amazing people and the connections we have met along the way. We thank our friends and especially our families for all of their support and for believing in us. Thank you, we love you xoxo.


Now, we are ready…


Now, we proudly introduce our Pony Express Girls - Equestrian monthly subscription boxes and gift box services.


Now, we leap.

Giddy up, 



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