Health and Safety Committee - The May 2016 PEG Box

We care about you and want you to be healthy and safe! We had some reservations about this box. What if it is boring? 

Then we found some amazing Canadian products to jazz it up. Now we feel confident that health and safety are fun and exciting!

Jack Pine All Natural Body Balm in Lumber scent. All natural, made in Canada.            Rocky Mountain Riders Rescue Remedy, all natural pain relief, made in Canada            Stud Muffins, all natural horse treats, made in Canada.              Boot Sock of the month club, Equestrian boot sox box, Plume by Sock it to Me.

Cohesive Wraps - A true staple when you own animals of any kind. We have included 2 regular vet wraps of different colours and 1 padded vet wrap. I have never tried the padded version but thought that I would like to have one on hand. 

Digital Thermometer - One of those things that everyone needs in a tack kit or first aid box. I know this.. but still I never managed to grab one. Until now! and I grabbed one for all of you too.

Rider Rescue Remedy  by Rocky Mountain a potent, synergistic combination of Arnica Montana and MSM (methylsufunylmethane) that works quickly to soothe aches and pains.  Ingredients used for centuries as Mother Nature’s pain reliever, soothes your tired, aching muscles. That Mother Nature knows her stuff! RRR is now available for purchase on our site here.  RRR was created to get you back in the saddle and doing what your love, naturally. 100% natural and hand-crafted with only the highest quality, chemical-free ingredients, therapeutic grade pure essential oils and botanical extracts.

Original MTG - Treats a variety of skin problems with results seen as soon as a day after the first application. Successfully treats - rain rot, dew poisoning, scratches, mud fever, greasy heal, sweet itch, girth itch, itchy skin, dandruff and tail rubbing. It has been touted to work on thrush and white line disease. Good thing it works because it sure does stink! For over 75 years, generations of horsemen around the world have placed their trust in Shapley’s.

Effol Horse Balm – This product cools and relaxes your pony after a long ride or work out. Refreshing on sore muscles as well as tension and stiffness. Very kind on skin and bandaging is not necessary. 

 Jack Pine Body Balm -  Such a versatile product! All natural, hand crafted in Canada and it works wonders. I'm not kidding when I tell you this is my new fave personal product and it has improved my skin. Use it as eye makeup remover, night time cream, on dry cracked hands & feet. Can be used it on dogs nose and paws. Have a cut, scrape, burn? apply it. Pregnant bellies, baby bums, tattoos, dry split ends, frizzy many uses. I cut mine into quarters and worked a chunk out of the tin. This allowed for easy application all over my face as a night time moisturizer and fast application to my legs as an after shave moisturizer. Once I had a taste for how great this was, I wanted maximum application in minimum time. 

Stud Muffins - Custom Muffin Tops - Embrace the muffin top! We are huge Stud Muffin fans. What's not to love? They had us at Stud Muffin... These are made in Canada and can be customised to your barn or event! Oh, and your horse will love them too. 

 Boot Sox Box - Monthly boot sock club selection - Do you get the PEGbox and Boot Sox Combo? Or just the Boot Sox Box on it's own? This months selection was Plume by Sock it to Me. To celebrate our new barn peacock, Carlos! If you missed Plume, it can be found here.


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