Choices we make as an equestrian company to be kind to our earth - Earth day is April 22nd!

Save the earth, it's the only planet with horses. Responsible equestrian horse companies.  

The earth is our bff. We care about her health and well being.

1. We choose quality over quantity. You won't ever find cheap tack shop fillers in our boxes. No $2 hoof picks, no $2 hard plastic curry brushes every single month. Boxes with these items might look bright and full but they seem wasteful. These are tricks used by many subscription boxes. We put quality products that we love in our boxes. Quality grooming tools that will last you. We don't think you need to get 20 brushes over a year. We do think that you will appreciate the luxury of goat hair wooden brushes or everyone's favourite shedding tool The Spikey! Less waste is good for all of us.

2. We pack and ship across Canada and the US everyday. We make it a priority to choose recycled packaging. We have opted to hand stamp our recycled, unbleached, shipping boxes using vegetable based inks. It's more time consuming and limits our branding and marketing choices but it's a choice that feels good and we kinda love that rustic look. We have even been known to reuse boxes. Have you ever ordered an extra large order and it arrives in an Amazon or Glutino box? Yes, we do that. 

3. We will always make it a priority to buy local. You will find great products from everywhere in our boxes but we really love to shop locally. We are always on the lookout for new to market products from Ontario or across Canada. Products that are good for our earth, use natural ingredients and/or support a worthy cause.

4. We put an unnatural amount of thought into our purchasing. If we are placing an order from a company in the United States, we will take a close look at what they offer. it often makes sense to buy multiple product lines and have them ship once. Rather than ordering 'willy nilly' and having trucks zipping all over the continent for us.

5.  We did away with information cards in our monthly boxes that included brief product descriptions. We are now listing the box and product descriptions here on our blog! We ship out a lot of boxes. We are aware that people love the descriptions. It was a good idea when we started but as we grew, it became a lot of paper and a lot of ink. It was also very limiting to fit all of the information on a little card. Now ... nothing can stop me and all of my words. 

6. We love to support Fair Trade. Let's support companies with a cause! Fair trade supports people and families. Families support communities. We believe that fair trade is always a great choice for everyone. We had adorable winter headbands and leg warmers from Nepal through Ark Imports this winter. Fair trade hot chocolate and tea from The Creemore Coffee Company. We have just received an order of fair trade reusable totes from Ontario's new Handsome Devils line. They worked with  Avani creations (Avani means Earth in Sanskrit). Imported from Kolkatta, India and printed in Ontario. They are in the April box and will be up on the website soon. 

We believe that little choices can add up. Consider donating products that you don't use or need to local children's riding clubs or therapeutic stables. 

Love your ponies, love your earth, love yourself ♥ Love Pony Express Girls



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