March 2016 PEG Box - First Anniversary ! Our Paper Anniversary.

March Paper Anniversary Pony Express Girls Box

Happy Anniversary! PEG Boxes are now one year old! The secret is out. This is what you will find inside this month.

Colouring Book - A traditional first anniversary gift is "paper". Our Danielle poured all of her heart, her time, and her creativity into designing the PEG colouring book. It is amazing! You will need to keep a sharpener close by. Some of these pictures are very detailed. You will find our lovely logo mare 'Peggy' placed somewhere on each page. Tag us and share when you create some coloured page masterpieces. We are so excited to start seeing them.

Colouring Pencils - We hit a couple of bumps in the road when planning our anniversary box. I guess it was bound to happen after a year of smooth sailing. The beautiful colouring pencils that I ordered never arrived. We waited until the very last minute leaving poor Danielle to hit the shops on our actual packing day and find a replacement. My heart was broken as I packed the boring replacement pencils. It was a silly disappointment. The simple pencils are still beautiful bright colours and will work just as well. 

Horse Pattern Lanyards - To make up for not having the beautiful pencils we added a bonus. Practical and pretty. 

Lemon Green Tea from Creemore Coffee Co. - Delicious, loose leaf tea. A fresh tasting gunpowder green tea infused with natural lemon flavour.  A pale yellow green infusion. We pictured you sitting down on an icy spring day with a warm cup of tea, colouring away all of your winter stress. Dreaming of horse season. 

Handsome Devils Equine Wash Co. - Waterless Wash - We are so pleased to introduce this brand new product! This works great for spot washing and touch ups. We tested it in our barn and I couldn't stop! Ponies are so mucky and messy this time of year. It's all natural ingredients include - aloe vera, witch hazel, tea tree, lemon grass and coconut based cleansers. No chemicals or harmful ingredients. This is a Canadian small business with a cause. With each purchase they will donate to Canadian wild horses. A real, do good, feel good company. They have big plans and we plan to see more of them in the future. They we be available in stores across Canada this spring. 

Goat Hair Wooden Face Brush - A touch of luxury in your groom kit ♥ so soft. We love buiding a collection of quality wooden brushes. Your pony will love this one. It has a suggested retail value of $12. It might just last forever.

Martin Special Moment Horse Treats - Orange Flavour - Proudly made in Canada in five flavours by Martin Mills Inc. Your horse wants to try them all! Treats that are actually good for your horse and nutritionally complete. Martin's offers a full range of horse and small animal feeds. These Special Moment treats are Amber Marshall's choice for her own horses! 

Barnies Bran Mash - Made with mixed grain, molasses, rolled oats, corn, bran, ground flax seed, a little flour, and salt. Canadian owned and operated. Made homemade and fresh. It’s your ponies new comfort food. It smells so happy.

I'm going to take a minute here to say thank you to everyone who has supported us in the last year. One of my favourite parts has been chatting with you and getting to know you. We love hearing from you and we love feedback!

A huge thank you to my Danielle. A best friend and the best business partner.  You mean the world to me :) 

Let's all keep doing what we love for as long as we can ♥

Giddy Up, Deb and Danielle. 



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