Hey, want to be a brand ambassador in our PEGASUS herd?

We had a beautiful herd of brand ambassadors for 2015 and 2016.  They represented us well and we loved getting to know them. I wish that we could have carved out real time from our busy lives to get to know them better. They are a very special group of women and our lives are richer for having met them xo.

Our small brand ambassador program is called PEGASUS.

Pony Express Girls Ambassadors, Steady, Understanding, Strong.

We think that a really great brand ambassador would include these character traits.

Steady – Unwavering in working towards your goals. Somebody with a steady character will take life in stride, not be inclined to fly off the handle. Really think through all the situations that life throws at them.

Understanding – You are considerate of other people’s decisions or choices. You don’t have to agree with them but you make an effort to understand and strive to do it without judgment or prejudice.

Strong – You don’t have to have to be physically strong to have a strong character. This one encompasses so many things! The strength to stand up for good. Strength and courage to stand up for yourself and stay true to your beliefs. A strong sense of both, responsibility and self-respect. You are not the damsel in distress, you are the self-rescuing princess.

We love your character strengths but we also love your weaknesses. Why would we love a weakness? Quite simply put… they make you human. They make you who you are. We all strive to be good people. A big part of that means being good to yourself and others. Recognising when you haven’t been at your best and working towards improving. Did you know that making mistakes can actually make you more likeable? It’s true, seeing someone make a mistake can make us less nervous about messing up and makes that person more relatable. We are all a work in progress.

Our ideal candidate –

  • Must be a resident of Canada or the United States.
  • Is active on social media in a kind, friendly and mature way with an active following.
  • Loves spending as much time as possible at the barn, riding or at shows
  • Is known in your equestrian community for being a role model and a great friend
  • Understands our company and concept
  • Feels a desire to rep our brand with pride and enthusiasm

Sound like something you are up for? We would like to extend a very special invitation to apply for our PEGasus 2017 ambassador program. We will be accepting 2 new ambassadors each month of 2017. If accepted your PEG brand ambassador status will run until the last day of 2017. 

Please submit the following information in an email to

Your name, email address, social media account names for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, blog/website or any other you would like us to know about. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you would be a great ambassador.


Perks of being a 2017 PEGasus.

  • Be a part of our social media presence. We want your pics! Pics of you at shows, at the barn, using some of your PEG goodies. Ever wanted to write? Write a blog post for our website, make a video!. Inspire us with your product ideas or contest ideas.
  • Make friends with other PEGasus girls across the country. Share your horse love and share in the fun and support of our group.
  • Enjoy PEG exclusive items and product discounts. You don’t have to buy anything to take part but you will have special pricing available to you.

The Fine Print – Make sure you talk to your organisation and get the information that you need before submitting your application. Many organisations will not allow amateur riders to receive any compensation and a brand ambassadorship could affect your amateur status. This could also be a concern in the last years of juniors. You are responsible for clarifying and understanding implications from any of your organisations.

Good luck and giddy up,

Deb and Dani


Love the earth, love your new custom water bottle!

Order your custom water bottle now. You will love using an equine themed bottle that you have customised. Will you put your name on it or your horse's name?

500 ml water bottle with a twist off cap and wrist strap. The plastic is BPA free and a light smoke grey colour.

equestrians love our custom water bottles!

equestrian custom water bottle designs at Pony Express Girlsequestrian custom water bottle designs at Pony Express Girlsequestrian custom water bottle designs at Pony Express Girlsequestrian custom water bottle designs at Pony Express Girls

You have your choice of 4 different horse designs. Dashing, Splendid, Sassy, Classy. In the order notes on the checkout page, please leave the name that you would like on the bottle and your sparkling colour choice. 

Gold, Turquoise, Pink, Cobalt Blue, Red, Silver. 

Dani picked - Splendid in Silver, I picked - Classy in Gold, I am all about the gold these days! Which one speaks to you?

It feels good never having to grab a throw away plastic bottle again.
Order online now or... pre-order for pick-up at the CanAm All Equine Show in Markham (save shipping fees - hooray) Check the - 'pick up at CanAm' shipping option at checkout. 

CanAm All Breeds Equine Show

We hope to see you at the Markham Can-Am later this month! You can place any order on the website, not just water bottles, between now and the show and use the - 'pick-up at CanAm' option for free shipping and we will bring it to the show for you! 

Time To Vote For Your Favourite Name

Ok, all of the entries are in. Now comes the hard part. Picking a winner! We had a very long list of amazing suggestions. I start the selection process by sending a list of the names to Dani and myself. We can't see who entered, only the suggestions. We have a very scientific system where we both pick our top ten faves and eliminate the ones that didn't appear on both of our top ten lists. Then we sorta fight it out from there. 

This time we had a problem... Our lists didn't have any matches. This is weird. We are business partners, barn sisters, best friends. We always have similar picks. Was one of us overtired (you know more than the usual chronic state of overtired for a hard working mom). Was it the incoming snow storm weather warnings? Was I hungry? Maybe it's her new kickass haircut (it totally rocks but I'm not going to like it if it makes her think differently).

So we had to call in back-up. We really kinda like Alisha Wolf from Wolf Manor Equestrian Centre. So we sent her the list for her top picks. Surely we could get some overlapping picks between the three of us! No pressure here Alisha... 

When we combined our 3 lists we came up with these options to be voted on. They are all amazing. Vote here in the comments or you can also find the choices listed on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

help us name this equestrian necklace


We need your help naming this Necklace!

 horse lovers, equestrian necklace

  We need your help! We want to hear all of your great name suggestions for this gorgeous equestrian necklace. We   will pick a name from the entries and if we pick your name ... we will send you this necklace for free. 

  It's beautiful! A tall boot, a stirrup iron and a horseshoe. 

  The tall boot and chain are silver plated. The iron is 18k gold plated and the horseshoe is 10k rose gold plated. 

  Contest closes in 2 days so get your suggestions in (limit of one per day) and share this contest with a friend. We need all the help that we can get. 

   Click here to enter your suggestion  

Pony Express Girls get it done with an Edge

We, at Pony Express Girls, are known for our "cute". Deb and I have been wishing all week at The Royal that we had a proverbial nickel for every time someone came into our booth and said, "oh, that is so cute" followed by, "oh my goodness this is so cute, too". We get cute a lot. And, let's face it, we are cute, in fact, we are down right adorable. But we do have a few surprises up our sleeves, too.

As many of you know we love our horse-themed home decor. We have sold hundreds of pillows over the last ten days. And this one was a favourite with our customers:

Three Kind Faces

But there is a certain pillow that catches one's eye and is our run away best seller. 

I am a unicorn

And the sauciness doesn't end there. We love our "You got this" sign and "Kind Heart; Fierce Mind; Brave Spirit", as well as all the other gems from Prim Pickins:

Life is Tough my Darling, but so are you

But nothing can compare to this best seller. 

Bitches get Shit Done

 Because, we do. That's why this sign sat on our desk the entire Royal tenure.

Deb and Dani are Bitches and they get Shit done

Because, well, at The Royal we did get it done.

Looking for something with an edge and missed us at The Royal? You can get these items on our website, as well. 

The Twelve Neighs of Christmas: Stud Muffins' Play on a Classic

The Twelve Neighs of Christmas: Stud Muffins' Play on a Classic

Almost everyone is familiar with the English Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas" the cumulative song (meaning that each verse is built on top of the previous verses) with a series of increasingly grandiose gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas, but did you know the twelve days follow Christmas (instead of preceding and ending on the 25th)? And, that the original song was published in England in 1780 without music as a chant or rhyme?

More importantly, did you know that our favourite treat makers from Western Canada, Stud Muffins, have their own version in the form of an advent calendar for your fav equine called the "Twelve Neighs of Christmas" filled with their new muffin top treats.

Stud Muffins Advent Flakes of Hay








Some of PEG’s favourite verses’ include: 

4 Shetland Ponies

5 Golden Horseshoes 

9 Ponies Prancing

Ponies Prancing

12 Nags a Neighing

Get your advent here, and spoil your horse before OR after Christmas. And, come on, try not to sing it!

Select your Winter PEG at our Royal Booth (Spoiler Alert)

Select your Winter PEG at our Royal Booth (Spoiler Alert)

Winter might not seem to be here yet, but the Pony Express Girls' Winter Box 2016 is! Most of you know that you can get your box one season at a time ($65) or save with an annual subscription ($240).

The Pony Express Girl's Winter Box 2016

If you are heading to The Royal Winter Fair you can even pick your selections. Firstly, select your Ark Imports toque colour: pink, winter white, grey or charcoal. (The toque is fair-trade and made from 100% New Zealand wool.)


Choose from one of seven Kurt Adler Christmas ornament. Here is just one example:

Kurt Adler Christmas Ornament

You also get a wooden sign from Prim Pickins (choose from light pink, pink, purple or teal):

Horse Crazy by Prim Pickns'

And, of course, a Stud Muffins' advent calendar. 

Stud Muffins Advent Calendar

You will also receive two magazines: On Horse (Ontario only) and Equine Wellness. And it all comes bundled in the cutest Santa sac. 

This season's box has a retail value of $103 to $105 (all that for $65). Remember at The Royal you can make your choices plus you save on the shipping. 

What we got going on at The Royal

What we got going on at The Royal

You all must know by now how much we love Stud Muffins. We are so happy to have not only the Stud Muffin advent calendar, but to also have the Stud Muffins Christmas flavours: Christmas Cake and Candy Cane. 


We also have a ton of other great items. A clear favourite is our "Cozy Fox" scarf. We are already sold out of the pink, but we still have limited numbers left in oatmeal, navy, green and maroon. UPDATE: Only oatmeal and maroon left! 

The Cozy Fox in Oatmeal

Our Sock it to Me's are on sale for an unprecedented $10! Plus we have the always popular neon and gel-handled crops. 

Neon and Gel-Handled Crops

These beauties can't be found on our website, so you will need to come on by and see us at The Royal in Hall A behind Blundstone.  





Pony Express Girls and Allure Pearl

Deb and I met the creative genius, Sue, behind Allure Pearl this year at Champs, and I don't think it's an exaggeration to say the three of us became fast friends. Firstly, Sue is a huge Hip / Gord Downie fan and any fan of The Hip is a friend of mine. Secondly, she is a super, talented jewellery artist and every girl needs to have one of those in her back pocket. 

This is why PEG is so excited to have some of Allure Pearl's designs here at The Royal. My personal favourite is the 2 hearts necklace made from pure silver. 

2 hearts

But I know that there are going to be many of you out there who are going to go bananas over the OTTB pendent! The larger one comes with your OTTB's birthstone. The smaller OTTB pendent comes in either solid bronze or solid silver pendent with variously coloured gems. 

OTTB Allure Pearl

OTTB Smal Pendent

Not a necklace girl? We also have some beautiful bracelets from Allure Pearl. 

Come by and say hi. We are located behind Blundstones and in front of Toyota.

Pony Express Girls at The Royal

We did! Pony Express Girls are at The Royal Winter Fair. This is our first RAWF and we are super excited to be here. Here are just a few snaps of the booth.

The Royal 2016

The Royal 2016

We can't lie we think our booth is stocked with some pretty great stuff, including some ol'favourites: earrings and charms, as well as rings and necklaces. We also have the world's best equine-themed signs and the prettiest pillows. Or come by our booth for your Stud Muffin advent calendar--only at Pony Express Girls.

The Royal 2016

Get even more PEG cuteness with our Winter Box. Come pick up yours up at The Royal, and, along with your Stud Muffins advent calendar, choose your 100 percent wool, fair-trade toque from Ark Imports, your Christmas ornament, and your "Horse Crazy" sign. You also get an Equine Wellness Magazine and the cutest Santa sack. 

The Royal 2016

Catch the fever this year at The Royal; there are so many things going on. Deb and I are busy watching the booth, but we have been able to sneak away and watch some of the livestock shows (it is close by), and, of course we have been able to do a little bit of shopping. I picked up a purple wristlet from Black Knight that I adore! Wednesday is the "Big Ben" jump. But my absolute favourite thing to do at The Royal is to walk the barn; hopefully, I will be able to take a moment this week for a stroll.

Come visit us in Hall A behind the Blundstone booth and in front of the Toyota booth.


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